Are you a small business or e-commerce owner considering exporting to, or accessing, new markets like Kazakhstan or Russia but don’t know what to start? The good news is there are significant opportunities for UK small businesses in Kazakhstan, as well as in Russia. But as a small business, you may not have large amounts of money or time to hire employees to set up a supply chain in the early stages. Likewise, many small companies are reluctant to try to export due to language barriers or lack of local culture knowledge.

That’s where a Virtual Assistant can help.

A virtual assistant, specialising in logistics and with local knowledge of language and culture, could help you to overcome these challenges:

Research the markets

It is essential to carry out thorough research before you enter the market as every country has its unique factors. A VA could help you to research the local market, list prospects and find the right contacts for your business.


At present, there are so many logistics service providers available it can be hard to know where to turn. A VA could help you not only find a cost-effective method of shipping and reliable logistics provider, but also work with them, track your shipments and help prepare shipping documents as per requirements of Eurasian Customs Union.

Communication and Customer service

Communicating in the local language is the best way to build up good relationships with your customers and suppliers and to gain trust. A VA would help you with any issues related to interacting with local partners, customers, arranging travel or meetings or even engaging with users on social media.

Considering that the number of e-commerce and internet users are growing in Kazakhstan and Russia, there are many opportunities for small businesses here so don’t think that these markets are only for big companies. Instead get the help of an experienced logistics VA and you can delegate dealing with enquiries, import/export related admin and gain inside knowledge on the markets you are interested in dealing with – letting you concentrate on growing your business.