Just how important is it to deliver excellent customer service? And how do you know that you are treating your customer well?

I’ve worked in a number of different industries, dealing with customers every time. At the beginning I used to work with customers remotely on the phone or by email. When I moved to the UK I had an opportunity to work with customers face to face. It was both a real challenge and an amazing experience. I believe that no matter how you work with customers, whether it be face to face or remotely, the level of service offered is the main factor that keeps business moving.

For example, I came across situations where goods were not ready yet, but thanks to excellent service the customer didn’t mind waiting for them. In another case, when the goods we sold had a higher price, the customer didn’t mind paying extra as, according to them, they valued the great service we always provided. Our constant excellent customer service created loyal customers who wanted to stay with us for life.

So how did we achieve it?

  1. Know your customer and treat them with dignity.

We always treated every customer as an individual – getting to know their needs, and preferences, and by remembering previous conversations and asking the right questions. The majority of customers never wanted to move away because they knew that even if they came just for a chat they would feel valued. Every happy and satisfied customer will happily tell other people about you, your business and their positive experience. I would say connecting and building relationships with customers creates loyal customers. Every unhappy customer will take away your potential customers.

  1. Know your products and services and let customers know about it.

We always knew about any new offers, services and the best deals. If you help customers to get good deal and save some money they will bring you more business in the future. I personally had a bad customer experience in glasses shop when a sales person didn’t let me know that I could get free glasses and because of that one experience I never went back to that shop again.

  1. Ensure a quick response and deal with enquiries on time.

We live in a very busy and fast changing world. Most people just do not have time to spend waiting for your reply. There should always be somebody to answer calls, take orders and deal with enquiries in the shortest time possible. Whether it is acknowledging orders, resolving issues, dealing with complaints and correcting mistakes or just listening to customers, your aim should always be to make customers feel acknowledged and satisfied.


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